AmCham Business Luncheon with Frank Sportolari, UPS Germany

AmCham Business Luncheon with Frank Sportolari, UPS Germany

Megatrends that will change the Logistics Industry

Datum: 11.10.2016 (Dienstag)
Uhrzeit: 12:00 - 14:00 Uhr

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AmCham Germany and International Lounge Rotonda Business-Club
Frank Sportolari, Managing Director UPS Germany

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AmCham Business Luncheon with Frank Sportolari, UPS Germany

Global logistic is a highly competitive market. The logistics industry is facing enormous price competition. Emerging technologies, new competitors and new business models are challenges UPS has to face.  Frank Sportolari (Managing Director UPS Germany) will give us on overview on how megatrends will reshape logistics in the next decade.

About AmCham:
The American Chamber of Commerce in Germany (AmCham Germany) strives to enhance global economic and trade relations built on a strong foundation of American and German partnership. AmCham Germany’s goals are to support unrestricted trade and investment between the United States and Germany, and to promote a healthy, open and productive business climate between the two countries. AmCham Germany represents the business interests of American firms located in Germany and the United States and also acts on behalf of its German members, many of whom maintain significant holdings in the United States.

AmCham Germany was founded 1903. Today, with over 3,000 members, AmCham Germany is the largest American Chamber of Commerce in Europe.

About international Lounge Cologne:
The international Lounge is a meeting point for executives from abroad and their spouses in the Cologne region. With its attractive facilities, it is the right place to get together with other international and local guests. Founded in 2010 a the International Lounge is settled in the premises of Rotonda Business-Club.


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